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The programs from can also be downloaded as podcast. The composition of programs can selected individually. Technically speaking podcasting is a subscription system for multi media files. By using proper software the requested entries or programs can be downloaded automatically.

Some MP3-players are being sold with special software for improved convenience. However, these features are not necessarily required. Modern internet browsers or even mail programmes like Thunderbird can concisely list - without any additional software - News- or RSS-Feeds. For the automated download there are socalled podcatchers. In each case the below links shall be copied and submitted to the used software as link to the requested podcast. The software checks the data base of agains the individually selected frequency if there are any new entries. (all programs)

In this podcast you will find all entries which have been published at


Is the jointly produced political information magazine. Each Tuesday and Friday new programs will be published latest by 16 h. This information magazine is being broadcasted at many community radios.

Individual podcast.

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